Saturday, June 16, 2012

Orphaned CDs

I'm a big fan and supporter of mom and pop shops of all kinds. I really believe in supporting them as much as I can. So when I come across, for example a small record store.. I have to check it out. I enjoy listening to all kinds of music so often times I always find something worth purchasing. I like knowing that I'm contributing to the local economy, but also in these much needed establishments that have interesting things to offer. I was visiting a friend out in the San Fernando Valley and I came across a music store called Orphaned CDs. I went in and started browsing finding a few things of interest and wound up buying three classic hip hop albums for $10. They were Young MC's 'Stone Cold Rhymin', 2 Live Crew's 'Is What We Are' & Tone Lōc's 'Lōc-ed After Dark'.

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