Monday, May 31, 2010

Protesting the Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks were back in town on Memorial Day for the first of a three game set against the Los Angeles Dodgers. I found out about the protest through a friend of mine. Hmm.. I thought about how tired I was to see all the messed up stuff that people of color have to put up with in general.. And now things have gotten worse in Arizona with the passing of SB 1070. I decided that I needed to become more involved. I thought to myself about how I could no longer stand by while ignorant, misguided people pass draconian laws. I met up with a few colleagues and made my way over.. The meeting place was at Elysian Park Ave & Sunset Blvd just underneath the "THIS IS MY TOWN" Dodgers billboard. As we arrived there were a handful of people with signs and banners. By the time we made our way to the top of the hill in front of the Dodgers main entrance it was great to see everyone chanting, dancing and playing music. We rounded the four corners as the fans were making their way in and made ourselves heard. The police presence started out small but eventually grew considerably. Me and my friends were holding a banner which read "STOP SB 1070". As the energy of the protesters picked up, so did mine. While I really appreciate the people who stood by us by taking our flyers, cheering us on and honking their horns.. There were a few ugly incidents. My friend who was handing out flyers to the cars passing by was almost hit by a careless driver who then proceeded to make comments hurled at the protesters. The protesters got together and made their presence felt in front of that car! They circled the car and made them quite uncomfortable. There was also another incident where the drivers were getting frustrated by the traffic and started honking their horns like crazy. So... I took advantage of it and started screaming "Yeah! That's right!" followed by "Boycott Arizona!". The guy was soooo mad he flipped me off. Hahaha! I was loving it! All in all, it was simply beautiful.

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