Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday Night Football

I was highly anticipating the game between the Vikings and Jets. There was all kinds of drama added to this matchup recently. From Brett Favre's return to New York amidst the controversy surrounding him involving alleged misconduct to Randy Moss's return to the Vikings. So I headed over to Barney's Beanery in Old Town Pasadena. I had five pints of Arrogant Bastard over the three hours I spent watching the football game. I closed my tab and headed out at around 9:30pm. I walked over to the Metro Gold Line Memorial Park Station and waited to take it to Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. From there I would take the Metro Red Line to the Hollywood/Vine Station or so I thought. Well... When I woke up I was in East Los Angeles! The train was not moving, but it was headed back to Union Station. Okay.. I thought. The train left and I got off at Union Station. From there I went down to the Metro Red Line subway to head home. I got on the train and it proceeded to go home. I dozed off again!.. I woke up and I was at the Civic Center stop. What?!.. Aw fuck!.. It was going towards Union Station!.. I fell asleep and the train went from Downtown Los Angeles to North Hollywood and back!.. I couldn't believe it! I missed my stop twice!.. I thought to myself "No problem! I'll just wait for the next one".. Only to look up at the blank screen with no departing times. Shit!.. Now I really couldn't believe what had just happened. As I made my way through Union Station I observed the scene. People waiting for trains with their luggage next to them as they napped, people reading or talking to one another. The place was dimly lit as Union Station was quietly sleeping itself. I made my way through the streets surrounding Union Station while thinking about my stupidity and about how thirsty I was. I walked around trying to find a gas station or convenience store to purchase a bottle of water. How dry I am?... Anyways I decided to walk past Chinatown on my way to Figueroa St right in front of Evans Community Adult School in order to take either the Metro Line 2 or 4 to Hollywood. I waited and waited.. There it was! The 4! I got on and it was pretty crowded. It cruised all along Sunset Blvd through Echo Park and Silver Lake on it's way to Hollywood. I got off at my stop and walked a few blocks to get home. I forgot my keys! But it's okay, I was one phone call away and I was in. Finally I'm home! I drank a shitload of water and went to bed. It was now 2:30am.

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