Thursday, March 29, 2012

Los Angeles Dodgers

I've been working every day since I got back from Oakland, CA. So I just spent the last seven days working and so I was looking forward to my day off. A day off in which I planned on heading over to Dodger Stadium and purchasing a pair of tickets to Opening Day on Tuesday, April 10th. I took the Metro over to Dodger Stadium and walked up the hill. I enjoyed my walk up as it's always great to see the stadium and the surrounding areas of Elysian Park and Echo Park. I made my way to the security booth and I told him that I was there to buy a few tickets. He asked for my ID and scanned it. He gave me a sticker to place on my jacket that had my name and picture printed on it. Weird, but okay. He asked me if I had ever been there... That was funny to me. You see, I practically live there. I love the Los Angeles Dodgers. So I walked up to the box office. There were a few news vans in parking lot P. So I tried to purchase a pair of tickets, but was told that they only had single tickets available. So after a few minutes of figuring it all out, I purchased my ticket. Keep in mind that this was my day off from work and so it was something that I was going to do anyways, but I couldn't help but think about how the group of bidders for the Dodgers that had Magic Johnson in it would affect and change things. There is excitement, but I know what I've been through for the so many years with the team. So I'm definitely taking the wait and see approach. I didn't like the fact that Frank McCourt wasn't completely gone. He still owns some of the land surrounding Dodger Stadium and has a say with the parking lots. I'm trying to be optimistic, but real about the situation. The Dodgers are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Dodger Stadium this year. I'm very happy to be attending the home opener this year. I made a promise to myself that I would attend at least one game in every series at Dodger Stadium this season. I tried this experiment a few years ago and I actually made it all the way to August before missing a game in a series at home. This might just be an interesting way to keep up with my progress. Let's go Dodgers!

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