Friday, March 23, 2012

Trayvon Martin

I first heard about Trayvon Martin a few weeks ago. I didn't stop and actually read the news article, but caught the headline and a little something about it. It was only until a week ago when I was staying in a room in Oakland, CA that I watched the story on CNN late one night. I felt horrible for not paying more attention to it beforehand. As I watched the story unfold during the news broadcast I had strong feelings about it all. I was upset by what I heard and saw involving the murder of this 17-year old young man. I couldn't believe that the shooter George Zimmerman was not charged for Trayvon's murder. Between the 911 calls placed by George Zimmerman and his neighbors as well as Trayvon's last conversation with his friend it pointed to the very least a thorough investigation of the matter. But instead Mr. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, claimed self defense and the local authorities were complacent in the matter. They failed to inform Trayvon's parents of their son's death. The 911 call placed by a neighbor was chilling to hear as Trayvon pleaded for help and his life as gunshots later silenced his cries for help. Trayvon went out for snacks during the halftime of the NBA All-Star Game. He came across George Zimmerman who reported him to police as being "suspicious" and "possibly on drugs". The truth of the matter is that George Zimmerman is a paranoid racist man who murdered an innocent child over absolutely nothing. Trayvon did not have a weapon and was found with a bag of skittles and a bottle of iced tea. Cold blooded murder. This isn't over. We cannot let an incident like this happen anywhere. To allow murder to be justified by Florida's insane "Stand Your Ground" law would be an injustice to Trayvon Martin and others who have been victims of police abuse and vigilante shooters. This is only the beginning. We demand justice!

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